Roundup: Mac Expo 2000

Hottest news from MacWorld Expo 2000 in New York: new iMac colours, Apple G4 Cube and two-chip PowerMacs
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Can Apple really manage the transformation from comeback company to growth company? What it unveils at the Mac Expo in New York this week may give us some clues. "In the past few years, sussing out the future directions of Apple has become a field much like Kremlinology at the height of the Cold War," says Daniel Drew Turner of ZDNet News US. Let's hope for a drop of perestroika from Apple then. MACWORLD EXPO: 19-21 JULY 2000
ATI suffers wrath of Jobs
Mon, 24 Jul Apple yanks graphics cards from its new systems in apparent retaliation for the chip maker's big mouth Mac vendors colour blindsided
Fri, 21 Jul The chameleon stylings of the iMac have makers of colourful accessories scrambling to catch up. Couldn't Apple make things easier? Hands on with Apple's new hardware
Thu, 20 Jul News analysis: The Mac maker answered critics and fans alike with its latest hardware offerings Microsoft sets date for Mac Office
Wed, 19 Jul The software titan also announced new Mac stylings for the packaging and marketing of its productivity suite Apple unveils cube-shaped G4
Wed, 19 Jul Company hopes to follow iMac innovation success with new design How many colours is an Apple?
Wed, 19 Jul Apple has gone colour crazy on the iMac front again -- this time with the 'earth-tones' of indigo, ruby, sage, graphite and snow Steve Jobs unveils two-chip PowerMacs for pro users
Wed, 19 Jul First ever dual-processor PowerMacs to be offered by Apple See the Cube at the Macworld Expo in New York MACWORLD EXPO: THE BUILDUP
Disappointing sales numbers for Apple
Wed, 19 Jul Computer maker squeaks by analysts' estimates in its third quarter, earning $200m, or 55 cents a share, on sales of $1.825bn Last big push for 'Classic Mac' OS
Wed, 19 Jul Sources say Mac OS 9 has passed its first big testing milestone ATI offers peek at Apple's Expo wares
Tue, 18 Jul The chip maker said a new iMac and two Power Mac G4 systems will ship with its latest graphics accelerators on board Apple's core challenge: Revenue growth
Mon, 17 Jul The tale of Apple's Steve Jobs-led renaissance is old hat. Now on the eve of Macworld Expo in New York, Wall Street wants to see the juicy sequel: 'Apple, the Growth Story' Mac rumour mill is working overtime
Thu, 13 Jul The Mac industry got a new dose of product speculation the week before Apple's big gathering in New York

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To customise or not to customise?
Wed, 12 Jul Microsoft and Apple place opposing bets on their next-generation user interfaces. Which company has the winner? Woz named to Inventors Hall of Fame
Mon, 19 Jun Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been included in the Inventors' Hall of Fame Real-Apple: Can you say monopoly?
Tue, 13 Jun At Streaming Media East 2000: RealNetworks and Apple strike a deal to more tightly align 'the number one and the number two' streaming media player suppliers Apples OS X to have Java 2
Wed, 07 Jun Steve Jobs and Avie Tevanian made an appearance at the JavaOne conference keynote Tuesday What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.
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