Roundup: The Napster struggle

Napster may have lost the initial court battle, but the online music war is only just beginning. Experts now predict Napster could go legit...
Written by Will Knight, Contributor
ZDNet provides you with an update of the hottest stories as the record industry goes head to head with Napster and wins. It leaves many unanswered questions about how the music industry will deal with the phenomenon of digital content and what the next step for music-sharing software and the many Napster fans will be. THE FUTURE FOR NAPSTER:
Napster for needlepoint has industry up in arms
Fri, 04th Aug 2000 The genteel world of needlepoint will never be the same -- thanks or no thanks to the Internet -- as bands of renegade grannies are swapping stitches online. Entertainment execs: Learning to live with piracy
Thu, 03rd Aug 2000 With the Napster and DeCSS cases as the backdrop, moguls seek to find coexistence with digital download technology. No easy task. Legal Napster alternative to be unveiled
Fri, 04th Aug 2000 Putting music online legally without enforcing copyright is the novel plan behind Freenet's successor. Copyrights can be protected online, says survey
Tue, 01st Aug 2000 Film and TV producers in the US believe there should be no problem protecting copyright online, according to an industry survey. Napster hopes to settle but foes less receptive
Tue, 01st Aug 2000 Fears among the music industry that a settlement might damage the public perception of the legitimacy of the anti-Napster ruling. Legal battles boost Napster to number one
Tue, 01st Aug 2000 Last week's courtroom wars helped Napster top the charts as the busiest entertainment destination on the Web, says PC Data Online. Napster battle may backfire on RIAA
Mon, 31st Jul 2000 Digital music experts say the recording industry's fear of technology has done Napster a favour. Look at the numbers, after all. Appeals court to Napster: Rock on!
Mon, 31st Jul 2000 A federal appeals panel gives Napster until 18 August to explain why an injunction prohibiting most song-swapping should be overturned. David Bowie predicts Napster rebirth
Fri, 28th Jul 2000 British rock icon David Bowie wades into the controversy surrounding Napster predicting that the company would be resurrected following its legal troubles. Napster appeal: don't shut us down
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 A Friday deadline looming, Napster files an emergency appeal seeking to set aside a federal order that the company says puts its future at stake Guerilla tactics will defeat music industry
Thu, 27th Jul 2000 The music industry looks like a clumsy Goliath next to the nimble Davids lining up behind Napster to provide new, stealthy file-sharing opportunities Online music trading will survive Napster, say experts
Thu, 27th Jul 2000 Online music insiders call for music industry to come up with its own Napster Judge slams door on Napster
Thu, 27th Jul 2000 US district judge Marilyn Hall Patel showed little sympathy for the popular song-swap site, saying it was encouraging piracy by millions of users The Napster mirage
Tue, 25th Jul 2000 What does the future hold for all the eager young entrepreneurs tripping over themselves in a desperate bid to jump on the peer-to-peer bandwagon? COMMENT:
Good riddance to Napster
David Coursey reckons at the end of the day, history will judge that Napster wasn't an advocate of "the Internet should be free", but a greedy bunch of corporate raiders trying to make their fortune off the property of others Napster ate bandwidth like nobody's business
Steven Vaughan-Nichols loves music and Napster, but he still condemns its usage. However not necessarily for the reasons you think. He says the benefits of Napster may outweigh the risk... for your home machine. But for the corporate network the time to stop playing with Napster and its cousins is now What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.
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