Roundup: The summer of hacking

Hacking is hot. Teen gangs are doing it, FBI informants are doing it and even convicted hackers get their own online columns
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
Hackers are going to cost the world over £1tn in 2000, which is over 17 percent of the United States' GNP. They're also having two of their biggest gatherings this summer -- Def Con in Las Vegas and H2K in New York. Who are these people who cost us so much, yet are rarely seen? ZDNet turns the spotlight onto these shadowy figures and turns the heat up: presenting the Summer of Hacking. DEF CON CONFERENCE, LAS VEGASHackers: Uncle Sam wants you!
Mon, 31 Jul At Def Con in Las Vegas, hackers are urged to work for the nation, not against it BLACK HAT SECURITY CONFERENCESilence the best security policy
Thu, 27 Jul Well-meaning hackers are creating an army of "script kiddies" by making security holes public, says a speaker at the Black Hat Security Conference H2K CONFERENCE, NEW YORK
Mitnick teaches 'social engineering'
Tue, 18 Jul The ex-hacker tells a capacity audience at H2K how he gained unauthorised access to phone companies' networks Hackers flexing political muscles
Mon, 17 Jul Will the Republican National Convention be the next hacktivism target? Inspired by the Seattle protests, hackers and activists make plans at H2K Hackers making Napster 'irrelevant'
Mon, 17 Jul Can the RIAA stop the digital music? Even if Napster is stopped cold, Gnutella has made that legal battle irrelevant, say H2K attendees SUMMER OF HACKING
Exclusive: Big Brother was hit by DoS attack
Tue, 25 Jul Big Brother didn't see hack attack coming... Government IT system is a sitting duck
Mon, 24 Jul Government-appointed security firm highlights possible cracks in security, including an email system that could be seriously exploited Government entices hacking attacks
Fri, 21 Jul Black box surveillance equipment will be a magnet to computer hackers Hollywood vs hackers in US court case
Mon, 17 Jul Publisher of top hacking magazine 2600, Eric Corley, is to stand trial for spreading a DVD copying and distributing utility on the Internet Crackers fell Cabinet Office Web site
Thu, 13 Jul Security isn't tight at the heart of UK government Did FBI informant turn to the 'dark side'?
Thu, 13 Jul Or was he a victim of FBI retribution? The arrest of a noted 'white hat' -- one of the supposed good guys in the trade -- exposes the murky relationship between federal investigators and hackers Script kiddies: The Net's cybergangs
Thu, 13 Jul Call them clueless. Call them ankle-biters. Call them what you want. The Internet's teen vandals aren't going away Kevin Mitnick: Lecturer, consultant and columnist
Thu, 13 Jul The notorious hacker's probation office changes its mind, giving Mitnick the green light to write, lecture and consult. The catch? He still can't touch a computer Big Brother in the black box
Thu, 13 Jul From Russia to Britain to the US, law enforcement is trying new methods to counter cybercrime. And civil rights activists are up in arms Man arrested for breaking into NASA computers
Thu, 13 Jul Raymond Torricelli allegedly hosted hacking chat rooms on computer in NASA laboratory Learning how to hack the enemy
Wed, 12 Jul Driven by fears that their companies may be open to attack, network managers take some lessons from the pros NEWS
Wave Systems: About to go tidal?
Tue, 11 Jul Years of developing hacker-proof security hardware may be about to pay off for Wave Systems Internet hacking threat to national security
Tue, 11 Jul UK population of the opinion that the Internet poses a serious threat to national security, says WhichOnline survey Hacking will cost world $1.6tn this year
Tue, 11 Jul Hackers and virus authors will cost the world economy over £1tn this year, says new study Businesses consider 'hacking insurance'
Mon, 10 Jul With high-profile network outages and virus attacks on the rise, businesses want more than good security Brit fights Middle East hacking accusations
Wed, 05 Jul Computer network engineer Lee Ashurst denies hacking into UAE telecoms system Panorama puts teenage hackers under the microscope
Tue, 04 Jul Teenage hackers pose a serious threat to governments and world trade, acccording to BBC investigative programme Panorama Take me to the other Hackers What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said.
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