Rumor: Facebook Credits to work on Apple's iTunes platform

Facebook Credits may soon play nice with iTunes credit, and vice versa.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Facebook and Apple may be slowly friending each other on different levels. Facebook Credits and iTunes credit will soon reportedly play nice with each other.

Chris Early, Ubisoft's VP of Digital Publishing, told All Things Digital that both Facebook and Apple have agreed to honor currency purchased on each other's platforms for the same game. There is at least one condition, and it makes perfect sense: the cost to the player needs to be the same on both platforms. Early also said that players will see this first on an upcoming version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, which will be released over the next year on multiple platforms, including mobile, console, Facebook, and other websites on the Internet.

This claimed new partnership between Facebook and Apple would mean that if a player purchases $20 worth of Ghost Recon Credits on Facebook, Facebook will still earn a 30 percent cut of the revenue, but players will be able to access those $20 in the Apple version of the game. This would work the same if the gamer originally purchased the $20 worth of credits from iTunes: Apple would then get the cut.

Currently, if you are playing the same game by the same company, you must buy a different set of currencies when shifting between Facebook, iTunes, and other platforms. With this change, game developers will be responsible for managing each player's credit balance across the platforms.

The rumored partnership essentially means that both Apple and Facebook approve of in-app credits, and they want to encourage developers to keep using them. At the same time, it also means iTunes credit could one day be used on the Facebook platform (not just inside apps and games), and vice versa.

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