Rumor: Google, Adobe may get chummier with Chrome, Flash partnership

Google appears to be on the verge of bundling its Chrome browser and or operating system with Adobe's Flash in a deeper partnership.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google is planning to bundle its Chrome browser and or operating system with Adobe's Flash in a deeper partnership, we've heard from reliable sources.

The announcement, which is expected to go down on Tuesday, is an interesting wrinkle ahead of the launch of Apple's iPad, which famously doesn't include Flash. Adobe and Apple relations are chilly to say the least.

If Google is bundling Chrome and Flash in a deeper partnership it could indicate that the two parties are drawing a line in the sand against Apple. Details about the partnership announcement were sparse. Chrome already works with Flash, but the announcement may include future versions of the Chrome browser or may focus on Google's Chrome operating system (right). Making Flash a part of the Google stack of software would be notable. Google representatives weren't able to confirm or deny the rumor. Calls are out to Adobe.

On Adobe's earnings conference call last week CEO Shantanu Narayen indicated that Google was a partner and Apple had issues. He said:

I think we’ve been fairly transparent about that issue, which is we are committed to bringing Flash to any platform on which there is a screen, and it has nothing to do with technology. I think you’ve seen demonstrations of Flash running on smart phones from multiple vendors; at Mobile World Congress including Android where Eric (Schmidt) showed it as part of his keynote.

It’s nothing to do with technology. It’s an Apple issue and I think you’ll have to check with them on that.

While the Chrome-Flash bundle won't change the tech world, it's a high-profile validation of Adobe, which can use all the big brothers it can get as its Apple spat garners more attention.


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