Rumored HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 device caught on video

The number of rumors and leaks are starting to increase as we approach the release of Windows Phone 7 and we finally get a look at HTC hardware running this new OS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I posted an extensive guide to Windows Phone 7 last month and am overall quite excited about the upcoming operating system. We have seen WP7 running on Samsung and LG devices, but have heard very little about HTC hardware. The Boy Genius Report posted a video (embedded below) showing off the rumored HTC Schubert device clearly running an early version of WP7. The hardware looks a LOT like the Google Nexus One that I really enjoy using and if this is indeed one of the first HTC WP7 devices then I will definitely be picking it up if it comes to T-Mobile.

With more and more of these rumored devices running Windows Phone 7 and the Technical Preview out and working well in developers hands I know this Fall is going to be one heck of an exciting time for smartphone fans. We will see devices running Windows Phone 7, Symbian^3, BlackBerry 6, and Google Android 2.2 with the possibility of a refreshed Palm webOS device or two as well. The iPhone will be the one looking a bit dated as iPhone fans wait until sometime in mid-2011 for the next major update.

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