Rumors of the T-Mobile AMEO 8GB Windows Mobile Phone Edition emerge

The HTC Athena rumors surfaced in December and now more details are emerging that show the device may be coming soon from T-Mobile in Europe as the AMEO. This Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition device sports just about every mobile device feature and spec you could want in a single device, but is there a market willing to pay for this type of device?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While you are waiting for the Apple iPhone HTC looks like it will be bringing another 8MB Phone Edition device to the market. I posted some information on rumors of the HTC Athena back in December and now Pocketinfo.nl has further information on the device (Babelfish translation) that looks to be branded as the T-Mobile AMEO. Granted, the HTC Athena/AMEO isn't as slick as the iPhone, but the specs are quite impressive. These may include a 624MHz Intel XScale processor (same as in the outstanding Dell Axim X51 series), 5 inch VGA (640x480) display, 64MB RAM, 128MB or 256MB ROM, 8GB hard drive, miniSD expansion slot, quad band GSM/EDGE radio, UMTS for Europe, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, integrated GPS radio, 3 megapixel camera (let's hope this is better than current HTC models), and 2,100 mAh battery.

T-Mobile AMEO

The AMEO also has a detachable keyboard that looks like you have to have it flat on a desk to use it and the functionality of that keyboard will be interesting to try out. This looks like a multimedia focused device and looks like it could compete with the recently announced Nokia N800. I am still waiting to hear what the price may be though and think it will be priced somewhere in or even over the US$1,000 range. Do you think there is a market for such a device?

Thanks to Engadget Mobile for the the link.

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