SaaS platform GRABR launches BLINK, secure content distribution platform for brands

BLINK enables users to retain control of their image, video, and audio rights across social, broadcast, and online channels, protecting their IP and commercial income.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

London, UK-based System-as-a-Service (SaaS0 platform GRABR has launched BLINK, a secure mobile content distribution platform for brands, broadcast media, music labels, event organisers, news outlets, and public services.

The SaaS platform, launched in 2016, allows brands to create their own social networks and build communities to engage directly with consumers.

BLINK is a suite of marketing tools that enables brands to securely distribute content on established social networks, websites, and broadcast media, while protecting their IP and commercial rights.

GRABR said BLINK is "your own content distribution platform" for you to "regain control of your video, images, and audio."

It comprises a back-end CMS to manage and control the distribution of user-generated video, images, and audio. This allows the brand to build content campaigns, add advertising, meta-tagging, and message users.

BLINK also has a customisable app that enables end-users to access, capture, and share content from their devices, whether publicly or privately. It can be integrated with third-party mobile apps using the BLINK API. End users can capture and share content directly with brands.

The platform is intended for brands, broadcast media, music labels, event organisers, news outlets, and public services. The app can be used by partners or communities. The client retains ownership of all their content.

The solution will enable customers to build models to predict customer behaviour, such as intent to purchase or purchasing triggers. Product promotion can be made to consumers based on their preference.

Trend analysis enables clients to predict how customers will respond to products, contact their consumers from the platform, and target the customers who are most likely to respond.

GRABR enables brands to bring all sub brands together to create one social community for brands. It has already been successful with its gamesGRABR platform.

GRABR CEO Tony Pearce said: "BLINK gives brands control of their own images, video and audio rights at all times, enabling them to target distribution accurately and optimise value."

He added, "Licensees can then share that content confidently. It also allows brands to receive huge amounts of content sent by users, then easily manage and polish that material."

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