Salesforce.com builds out its cloud stack, plots Appforce, Siteforce

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff said the company will launch two efforts to build apps and sites, Appforce and Siteforce.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff said Tuesday that the company will launch two efforts to build apps and sites, Appforce and Siteforce.

Details of Appforce and Siteforce were sketchy---at least until Wednesday---bit the names are self explanatory. Benioff, speaking at his Dreamforce keynote, highlighted the efforts. Add it up and Salesforce.com is building a full cloud development stack to go along with the launch of Database.com Tuesday.

Among the moving parts:

  • Database.com;
  • Appforce, which will obviously focus on app development;
  • Siteforce, a cloud system to build sites;
  • VMforce, which is the partnership with VMware;
  • And ISVforce, which was detailed at the Cloudstock powwow on Monday.

Toss in Jigsaw, Chatter, which officially launched a free version, Force.com and Salesforce.com's sales tools and a platform is quickly emerging.

Benioff's keynote resembled his Gartner talk in October. In fact his digs at Oracle and the sea of red cubes at OpenWorld were recycled quips from October. However, Benioff worked the crowd and roamed the audience.

The big message from Benioff was change. Salesforce.com is focusing on clouds ranging from sales to service to collaboration to development and databases. It's really a full frontal assault on incumbents such as Oracle and SAP---especially Oracle.

But make no mistake, Salesforce.com is building a stack. It's just a stack with a cloud computing delivery model.

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