Salesforce.com plans interface overhaul with Spring '10 release

Salesforce.com will freshen up its user interface in its Spring '10 release.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce.com will be delivering a new user interface with its latest update.

On Wednesday, Salesforce.com touted its next release---the company delivers three a year---and this update includes new features for Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud 2 and Force.com. But perhaps the biggest item for the average bear will be a new interface.

In a statement, Salesforce.com notes the release will "debut an entirely new user interface for salesforce.com. The new UI will maintain the same award-winning functionality, but will have an updated look and feel."

Whenever there's an interface change there can be user gripes, but Salesforce.com is hoping its other features will be worth the trip. The Spring '10 update will be available next month.

For Salesforce.com customers and administrators, it's worth checking out the release notes on each feature included in the update and what you have to do on the back-end to make them work.


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