Salesforce.com report highlights social ad value hotspots on Facebook

One of the lessons to be lifted from Salesforce's report is where (geographically-speaking) opportunities for the projected $11 billion social ad market will sprout in the next four years.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Salesforce.com is always keen to push the social business agenda, and its latest report tackles advertising on the world's largest social network: Facebook.

The purpose of the report from Salesforce's Marketing Cloud unit was to examine the Facebook advertising landscape on a global scale with the potential of informing digital marketers (and other business decision makers) about which advertising methods on the social network are most valuable as well as effective.

Citing a recent BIA/Kelsey report, the CRM giant's report highlighted that global social advertising spending is poised to topple $11 billion by 2017.

Certainly, these estimates must come as welcome news for the report's commissioner (Salesforce.com) being that it is the purveyor of "social enterprise" and "social revolution" rhetoric.

One of the lessons to be lifted from Salesforce's report is where the opportunities for this $11 billion market will sprout in the next four years.

A lot of it depends on perspective.

For example, researchers found that the United States and Canada are the most expensive targeted countries throughout the Americas. But clicks and impressions are more affordable in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.


Additionally, Salesforce's report lends weight to the mobile-first strategy — for companies as large as Facebook to startups and individual app developers.

That's because researchers found that mobile app install ads have above-average click through rates, cost per clicks, and cost per impressions.

Authors of the report stressed mobile opportunities, in particular by reiterating that 30 percent of Facebook's ad revenue already comes from mobile.

For reference, Salesforce's report is based upon measured ad spending made via Social.com, Salesforce's social advertising application, across more than one million different Facebook ads and 114 billion impressions between January 1 and March 31.

Charts via Salesforce.com

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