Salesforce.com Service Cloud joins Dell's CRM package

Dell's integrated CRM offerings are getting beefed up with some help from Salesforce.com.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Dell is teaming up with Salesforce.com in order to beef up its Dell Cloud Business Applications solutions. Basically, Dell will be adding the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to its integrated CRM offerings.

The goal is to enable small business customers to be able to connect with customers faster across more channels, thus providing "a 360-degree view of all customer interactions."

Dell vice president and general manager Paulette Altmaier explained further in a blog post that SMB users "can maintain top-notch customer service interactions across every service channel and maximize the value of existing applications in their IT infrastructure, leveraging data streams critical to servicing their customers."

More specifically, customers who subscribe to this offering should be able to accomplish more tasks, such as being able to identify early indicators of customer dissatisfaction in business systems, view complete customer case details, and share data between the Service Cloud and bug tracking systems for responding faster to product issues.

As you can guess from the detail that these products are cloud-based, the solutions are delivered via the web without the requirement of any additional hardware or software. Dell is using its Boomi integration cloud to connect Salesforce's Clouds to any other cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or other on-premise applications.

Thus, Dell and Salesforce are also touting this route as easier to maintain and less costly.

Dell's Cloud Integrated CRM solution with Salesforce's Clouds is available now in the United States, starting at $565 per month. Dell's implementation services packages start at $8,000.


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