Salesforce.com to build IoT cloud on Amazon Web Services

The software company, like other enterprises, is deploying a diversified cloud infrastructure plan.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce.com is planning on launching its Internet of Things cloud on Amazon Web Services, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The software company, which unveiled the new cloud service last fall, typically relies on its own infrastructure. However, making use of Amazon's public cloud will give Salesforce the flexibility to handle the "uncontrolled exponential growth" of the new service, Adam Bosworth, the executive vice president of Salesforce's IoT Cloud, told the Journal.

"We did it because we were growing very fast," he said. "We had to have the safety valve of a public cloud or public clouds to do what we were doing."

The IoT cloud, currently being tested by a handful of Salesforce customers, is expected to launch in the second half of this year. It's designed, Bosworth said, to run on any public cloud or within its own data centers.

Salesforce's embrace Amazon Web Services follows the trend of enterprises deploying diversified cloud infrastructure plans, even as they at times compete with the very same vendors they're relying on. Salesforce continues to bolster its own cloud infrastructure, announcing Tuesday that Marketing Cloud has been revamped with the Lightning Experience.

Meanwhile, Salesforce on Tuesday was also grappling with a database failure that left some clients unable to access their services.

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