Salesforce.com updates Chatter Mobile for 'any business action'

Salesforce.com gives the mobile workforce (or at least those who want to join) another nudge with a Chatter Mobile update.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Salesforce.com is rolling out the fourth generation of its Chatter Mobile app, promising to support "any business action" that needs to be taken while on-the-go.

The latest upgrade is designed to give the mobile workforce (or at least those who want to join) another nudge with new editing tools that are supposed to enable employees to be productive in "every micro-moment," according to Salesforce reps.

Here's a rundown on what Chatter Mobile users can expect from this new update:

  • Viewing: Users will be able view dashboards, prioritize tasks and act based upon available data in real time from their mobile devices.
  • Editing: Users can edit and update account and sales information, customer cases, marketing campaigns or any other type of information in Salesforce apps directly from their mobile devices.
  • Custom actions: Companies will be able to create a custom action for any business scenario directly from mobile devices. Example of such activties include logging a support request, creating a work order, approving a candidate or drafting an invoice.

The Salesforce Chatter Mobile is available now for iOS and Android, and it is free to use for all current Salesforce.com subscribers.

The new viewing, editing and custom action tools are going to roll out for iOS as soon as next week on July 29. Android users will have to wait until a yet unknown date during the fourth quarter of 2013.


Screenshots via Salesforce.com

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