Salesforce integrates Demandware, launches Commerce Cloud

The rebrand and integration of Salesforce's Demandware acquisition is complete as Commerce Cloud launches. Apple Pay, one-touch checkout and predictive product recommendations are additions.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce launched its Commerce Cloud, which is the result of the integration of its acquisition of Demandware.

Commerce Cloud will be targeted to the core base of retailers that served as Demandware's customer base. In a nutshell, Salesforce is integrating its CRM and other platforms with the Commerce Cloud.

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The company bought Demandware in June for $2.8 billion. As noted at the time, Salesforce's plan was to court retailers and expand as e-commerce hit every industry.

Salesforce said the Commerce Cloud will have Apple Pay integration, one-touch checkout out for purchase as well as predictive analytics via its Einstein artificial intelligence platform.

In a nutshell, Salesforce's Commerce Cloud is geared for an omnichannel world targeting Web, social, mobile and in-store sales. Salesforce's commerce effort will be integrated with its sales, service, marketing, analytics and Internet of things clouds.


More 20 percent of shoppers using multiple devices," said Shelley Bransten, senior vice president of Salesforce's retail and consumer product goods industry unit. "Consumers are looking for a seamless experience and expect to be able to buy how ever and whenever they want easily."

Bransten also argued that retailers are struggling to keep up and don't have the budget to integrate legacy systems they have. By integrating Demandware's core with Salesforce's additional clouds, the sum of Commerce Cloud will provide integration already with a sum greater than the parts.

The key additions to Demandware/Commerce Cloud include checkout with Apple Pay and Einstein, which embeds product recommendations, analytics and search results tailored to the likelihood that a customer will engage.

Commerce Cloud is generally available and Einstein product recommendations are included.

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