Salesforce integrates personalized learning into daily workflows

The new Salesforce Learning Paths feature is designed to deliver learning content in small portions, rather than through formal training.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce on Wednesday announced Salesforce Learning Paths, a new feature that integrates personalized learning content directly into employees' daily workflows on the Salesforce platform. 

The new feature largely takes the content delivered via Trailhead -- Salesforce's online learning platform -- and brings it directly into Salesforce for on-the-job learning. Users can tap into content from Trailhead or myTrailhead (the service that lets organizations customize learning content). Learning Paths can also serve up learning content from external resources. All of it is meant to deliver lessons in small, manageable portions that can be consumed throughout the day. 

Salesforce is announcing Learning Paths in conjunction with the results of a new survey related to workforce development. In the survey, 59 percent of respondents said they have had fewer opportunities for workplace learning since the pandemic. Additionally, 76 percent said they prefer to learn in small moments throughout the day rather than via formal training. 

"The past year accelerated the shift to a digital-first world, and the new way of work demands new skills and ways to learn," Heather Conklin, SVP & GM of Trailhead at Salesforce, said in a statement.

Managers using Learning Paths can tailor content for specific users, roles, teams or for entire organizations. The Salesforce platform surfaces learning content when it becomes relevant in the context of a user's work. To keep users engaged, managers can gamify content, create assignments and publish leaderboards. 

Employees, meanwhile, can view assignments, find new Learning Paths and track their own career development via the new Learning Home in Salesforce.

Salesforce Learning Paths is expected to be generally available this summer and will be included in all Sales, Service, Industries and Platform user licenses.

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