Salesforce launches IoT Explorer, aims to bring sensor data to business users

Salesforce is integrating Internet of things data into its various clouds and providing orchestration tools and automated processes to business users.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce launched IoT Explorer Edition, a tool that allows customers to build, deploy and automate sales, service and marketing processes.

With the move Salesforce is hoping to take its Salesforce IoT efforts to more of its clouds.

Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition captures sensor data, ingests the information to Salesforce Platform and creates rules to trigger sales, service and marketing campaigns.

To make Salesforce IoT Explorer more appealing to business users, the cloud provider is using a low-code interface with automation for any connected device.

Woodson Martin, general manager of Salesforce IoT, said the aim was to make it easy for business users to get the IoT data to enhance customer experiences. "Low code means customers can tap in the data and iterate on customer experiences and how companies go to market," he said.

Salesforce IoT Explorer also pulls in customer context and data from the company's platform. What Salesforce is trying to enable is more proactive engagement to monetize IoT investments better.

Here are a few screens from a demo.


A sensor map and asset health dashboard can lead to sales, service and engagement processes.


That data can then lead to auto-generated notifications and service calls.


Here's a dashboard linking IoT actions with outcomes.

The overall goal for Salesforce is to pitch IoT Explorer as a proactive engagement tool. Pilot customers include Emerson Climate Technologies, Schneider Electric, Lippert Components and Rehrig Pacific. IoT Explorer was used for sales, service and customer engagement.

Salesforce IoT Explorer will be available Oct. 17 as a platform service add-on to any of the company's clouds.

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