Salesforce launches Salesforce Anywhere, app that embeds collaboration, data across platforms

According to Salesforce, Anywhere incorporates lessons from the Quip app to reinvent collaboration within Salesforce.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Salesforce has launched Salesforce Anywhere, an app that brings chat, alerts, comments and video directly into customer relationship management software in a unified view.

The company is highlighting Salesforce Anywhere at its TrailheaDX virtual conference on Thursday.

Salesforce Anywhere is available in beta in July with an iOS app. The beta is free for all current Salesforce customers on desktop and mobile. Pricing is to be determined, but some services within Anywhere will be an add-on. 

According to Salesforce, Anywhere incorporates lessons from the Quip app to reinvent collaboration within Salesforce. On some level, Salesforce Anywhere ingests Chatter, which will remain as a separate product line for now. The problem Salesforce faces is the same as many enterprises in that collaboration streams often live in different apps and silos. Salesforce Anywhere looks to deliver conversations, ideas and threads in a way that doesn't pull you to another window. This concept is increasingly important given the move to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Sarah Franklin, executive vice president and general manager of Platform, Trailhead & Developers at Salesforce, said Salesforce Anywhere is aimed at growth as enterprises reopen amid COVID-19. Salesforce Anywhere is phase three in a trio of product launches that started with Salesforce Care and then Salesforce Work.com, she said.  


Salesforce Anywhere embeds collaboration tools throughout Salesforce much in the same way Einstein and Customer 360 runs through the platform. For instance, a sales rep could change a deal status in Salesforce via Salesforce Anywhere and work it into the teams flow without spreading out message threads. Salesforce will also partner with Tanium for IT help tickets and prioritize incidents across multiple channels. Tanium is an endpoint management tool.

The move is notable given that ServiceNow is expanding beyond IT service management to call centers as well as HR. Tanium is more of a partner to ServiceNow than a competitor, but Salesforce is branching into IT support more. 

Core features of Salesforce Anywhere include:

  • Alert subscriptions based on accounts, records and opportunities across mobile and desktops. Once an update is in an account notifications go out to the team involved.
  • Records, video and account data are brought into collaboration and processes. Collaborators can pivot to data without screen sharing.
  • Record history is aggregated across roles with personalized actions provided by the Einstein platform.  
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