Salesforce's Desk.com going multilingual in June

Starting in June, Desk.com will support customer service communications in 39 languages and regional dialects worldwide.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

The social customer service platform Desk.com is branching out to a bigger global audience thanks to increased language support.

On June 6, Desk.com will roll out Multilingual Customer Support, which entails support for communications in 39 languages and regional dialects, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and more.

Essentially, Desk.com clients will be able to communicate with and deliver customer service to customers in their preferred languages.

Incoming customer service issues will be automatically routed to agents based on the language in which the request was written. For example, if a customer asks a question in Swedish, that case will automatically be redirected to a Swedish-speaking agent.

This also offers Desk.com users the opportunity to see where they might have a language barrier with certain customers, offering them the potential to fill that gap more quickly.

Owned and introduced by Salesforce.com at the end of January, Desk.com is a social and mobile help desk specifically targeted for small and mid-sized businesses. Basically, the platform organizes customer service requests from all channels (i.e. via phone, email, Facebook, etc.) neatly in a single inbox.

Desk.com was recently updated in April with several new features aimed at small businesses with less resources but still want to get as much as they can out of the real-time data being generated through the customer service platform.

Image via Desk.com


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