Salesforce's Do.com adds social contacts, deal tracking

Do.com attempts to replace Microsoft Excel as the go-to application for tracking projects and collaboration.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Salesforce-owned Do.com, self-touted as the "the app to get work done with anyone" is getting a refresh today with new features dedicated to deal tracking and more social media-infused details for contacts.

The collaboration and organization platform basically attempts to cover as many (if not all) task-related bases at once. While the user interface and navigation methods are quite clean, it could be easy to be a little overwhelmed by everything that the cloud-based software does.
In a phone interview on Wednesday, co-founder Sean Whiteley went so far as to describe Do.com as a platform that is "like a task manager on steroids."
Nevertheless, it's easy to see how Do.com could fit into the enterprise workplace as it covers the most important bases: accessibility from nearly anywhere (it's a browser-based platform) and it's social, with integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps and (of course) Salesforce.com.
"This is a really good example of companies moving to apps that behave much more like Facebook, so they’re social in nature," Whiteley said.
For instance, the social contacts feature enables Do.com users to be able to collaborate with any contacts on any of these social networks, regardless of where they work. From there, users can share tasks and notes with social contacts right away, and if a contact changes information (i.e. current employer, etc.) it will automatically appear in Do.
But the enterprise app is really putting Microsoft Excel, in particular, in the crosshairs with the elaborate deal-tracking tools and dashboard.
Users can set up a simple sales process to track deals and revenue, which Do.com boasts will make "sales opportunities more repeatable, predicable and reliable." Users can do a lot of basic tasks (i.e. set up reminders, assign tasks to team members, generate real-time reports) as well as customize the layout of the dashboard to tailor the platform to one's team and company.
On the customization note, Whiteley added that customers can integrate their own suite of tools and rebrand it. So far, Do.com has already signed on one major reseller, Orange France, which is building it into their own suite of tools for SMBs.
Do's contacts and deals features launch in private beta today. Space is limited, but interested enterprise workers can apply to participate now. Access to Do is free for an unlimited number of users and includes full-functionality. Premium usage pricing will be announced soon, but private beta users will receive a special discount for the life of their Do accounts.


Screenshots via Do.com

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