Salesforce's Quip acquires startup Unity&Variety

The small Unity&Variety team will help add creative and visual elements to Quip's productivity tools.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer


Quip, the productivity platform that Salesforce acquired last year, announced on Jan. 13 that the firm Unity&Variety will be joining its team.

The small Unity&Variety design team -- which includes Joey Flynn, Drew Hamlin, and Andy Chung -- will help Quip "build the next generation of productivity tools," Quip announced via Twitter. They'll work on adding creative and visual elements to Quip, according to Salesforce. The team has produced at least one public app, the game Pinchworm.

Flynn and Hamlin previously worked with Quip CEO Bret Taylor at Facebook, where both Flynn and Hamlin worked on the Facebook Timeline, among other things. Taylor called them "some of the best product designers I have ever worked with."

When Salesforce acquired Quip last August, the three-year-old startup already had more than a million users and thousands of teams using its services.


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