Samsung and Ericsson wrestle over patents

All about the licences...
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

All about the licences...

Ericsson and Samsung are facing off over the thorny issue of patents.

According to Reuters, Ericsson is suing the electronics company, claiming it has failed to renew licences for Ericsson's technologies.

The pair had allegedly been in negotiations for some time over the licences but were not successful in renewing the licensing agreement.

Ericsson has now filed suit in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US over the patents, which pertain to EDGE, GSM and GPRS.

Samsung maintained that it respects intellectual property rights. A representative for the company said in a statement: "Consistent with Samsung's policy regarding all litigation matters, Samsung will vigorously advocate and defend its rights in this matter."

At the time of writing Ericsson had not responded to a call for comment.

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