Samsung announces Galaxy Tab Android tablet coming to four top US carriers

Samsung is holding a press event in New York tonight to reveal details of their Samsung Media service, but have started off by stating the Tab will be coming to all four major US wireless carriers.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

There is a Samsung event being held in New York tonight and according to Android Central they announced that the Galaxy Tab would be coming to all four major US wireless carriers, with a WiFi-only version to follow. The official announcement was made along with news that their Samsung Media Hub service is launching on Galaxy S devices soon.

They stated that the Galaxy Tab would be available on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile in time for people to buy them for the holidays. In typical fashion when a carrier is involved, there was no pricing, fees, or definitive dates given for the release. While I am sure the device will perform quite well and have slick hardware, I haven't seen anything in Android 2.2 that leads me to believe the experience will be much different than what I already see on my 4.3 inch Android 2.2 device. I am not sure the current version of Android scales up to a large display so easily without specific utilities and applications designed for larger displays.

Android Central is at the event so I will follow their hands-on coverage and news about the Samsung Media Hub launch.

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