Samsung beams Galaxy S3 Mini with NFC to UK this month

The recently launched Galaxy S3 Mini continues to inherit features from its bigger brother.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

An NFC-enabled Mini version of Samsung's hit smartphone the Galaxy S3 will go on sale in the UK from the end of January, the South Korean company announced on Monday.

S3 Mini
S3 Mini (Credit: Samsung)

Samsung is touting the near-field communication (NFC) capabilities as a way for S3 users to swap files, such as photos or music. The Galaxy S3 Mini will gain the NFC "S Beam" functionality already available on the Galaxy S3 and its even larger "phablet" cousin, the Galaxy Note II.

Owners of the new Mini Galaxy S3 will be able to share up to 10MB files by tapping other S Beam-equipped devices together.

Samsung launched the 4-inch screen Mini in the UK last November, priced at around £300.

Samsung has previously showcased the capabilities of its NFC devices during the London Olympics last August as part of a joint trial between Visa and Lloyds TSB Bank. Galaxy S3 phones were given mostly to athletes to make purchases using Visa's mobile-payment app, payWave, at NFC terminals across London.

"NFC technology and the digital wallet started to gain significant traction in 2012, particularly in the run up to the Olympics," said Simon Stanford, vice president of Samsung UK's telecommunications and networks unit.

"It's an exciting time in the mobile market watching the next phase of its evolution take shape, so we're happy to announce that we are bringing these new experiences to our customers through our growing number of NFC-enabled devices."

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