​Samsung begins 2nd-gen 10-nanometer production

Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of an SoC using its second-generation 10-nanometer process.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics has begun mass production of a system-on-a-chip (SoC) using its second-generation 10-nanometer process, the company announced.

The process, 10-nanometer Low Power Plus (10LPP) was completed back in April. Compared to the first-generation 10-nanometer Low Power Early (10LPE), performance is increased by 10 percent, and it is 15 percent more energy efficient.

The company said the first commercial product to have the process applied will be launched early next year. Though Samsung didn't name the SoC, it is likely to be the Snapdragon 845 that will power the Galaxy S9 next year.

The South Korean tech giant's turnaround time, or the time it takes from development to production, is shorter for 10LPP than it is for 10LPE.

Samsung said this will allow the process to be used for various clients in different applications, and expand use faster.

The company also announced that it new S3 foundry line in Hwaseong, South Korea, is ready to be used for mass production. Along with S1 in Giheung and S2 in Austin, Texas, it is the firm's third dedicated foundry line.

The S3 line will also produce the next-generation 7-nanometer chips. Samsung is aiming to surpass rival TSMC in the newer process by next year, the company has said.

Samsung and Qualcomm are cooperating on an 8-nanometer process, which will likely roll out commercially next year during the northern hemisphere's autumn season.

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