Samsung CEO: No way the company will buy webOS

The Samsung Electronics CEO says the company will "never" make an offer for webOS.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Update: HP is shopping webOS around the industry after shocking everyone (even employees) with the rapid shutdown of the first tablet running the OS it acquired for $1.2 billion from Palm. The company was quick to jump in and state it was looking to license or sell webOS to recover its investment. One of the companies analysts have indicated would be a good fit to buy webOS is Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has its own Bada OS that it is using in some products, but its bread and butter has been Android. The company has shot up the market share charts as a result of the Galaxy line of products that run Android. It has been so successful that it caught the attention of Apple who is suing Samsung all over Europe. There is currently an injunction that prevents Samsung from selling some of its most popular phones and tablets in Germany, with other injunctions possible. That's the reason that some analysts believe Samsung might be looking at buying webOS from HP, to do an end-around Apple.

At the big IFA show in Germany this week, Samsung Electronics CEO Choi Gee Sung clearly put those rumors to bed, according to Bloomberg. Choi stated that his company would "never" pursue a purchase with HP for webOS. Instead Samsung is working “harder than people outside think” to build up its Bada platform for internal use, and announced the Note phone running Bada just yesterday.

Updated: Laptop Magazine posted the Samsung Note is running Bada in its hands-on video review recorded at the IFA. Their post has been updated to reflect it is running Android 2.3 and not Bada, although the video still states it is running Bada 2.0.

With Samsung off the table HP must scramble to find another suitor for webOS. Some folks think HTC and even Facebook may be interested in taking the platform off HP's hands.

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