Samsung Chromebook in 3G slips out for $330

The new Samsung Chromebook announced yesterday has Wi-Fi connectivity only, with 3G coming in the future. The future is now as Samsung is already offering a 3G model with 2 years of Verizon 3G for free.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Samsung Chromebook 3G
JK Chromebook (300x286)

I am still marveling over the $249 Samsung Chromebook that arrived yesterday. Thin and light, the new Chromebook packs a lot of wallop for that low price. The only improvement it could benefit from is the inclusion of 3G for those times a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available. That's already an option as Samsung is now offering a 3G model for only $329.99.

The Verge spotted this first, and it surprises all of us as the new Chromebook was only launched hours ago. I guess Samsung couldn't wait to get the 3G model out the door, so it's available for order now.

Like older Chromebooks with 3G, this model comes with free 3G Verizon data for two years, although only 100MB per month. That's not a lot of data but higher volumes are possible with a fee based on volume.

Update: Word from Google is that the 3G Chromebook is not available in the US yet. It is coming soon but no official timeline.

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