Samsung, Ericsson sign telecom cross-license deal

Companies also agree to drop ongoing patent suits alleging infringements on 2G and 3G technologies.
Written by Reuters , Contributor
South Korea's Samsung Electronics and Sweden's Ericsson on Monday signed a mobile telecommunication cross-license deal and agreed to drop ongoing patent suits between the two companies.

Samsung said in a filing with the Korea Exchange that the license deal covers "second-generation" and advanced "third-generation" mobile telecommunications patents the two companies hold, without providing details.

The 3G mobile standard is an improvement over digital but voice-centric 2G networks, enabling video calls and Internet access via cell phones.

Telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson had sued Samsung in February 2006 in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States and expanded the suit in August, alleging infringements of its patents by Samsung. Samsung had also filed a countersuit.

The legal dispute came after the two failed to renew a patent agreement that expired at the end of 2005.

Samsung declined on Monday to comment further about the patents in question, but a company official had previously said the suit covered mobile phone parts and some functions.

Samsung is the world's third-biggest maker of mobile phones behind Finland's Nokia and U.S. firm Motorola.

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