Samsung Galaxy stores could be the next big thing in tech retail

Following Apple and Microsoft (and soon Google), retail stores seem like the likely next step for Samsung.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Apple isn't the only one with major hires in the retail department this year. In fact, Samsung could be taking a page (or some brainpower) from the playbook of the

According to the new tech blog The Information, which has broken a few Apple-related scoops in the last few months, Samsung has tapped senior Apple Store designer Tim Gudgel.

Gudgel had worked at the Cupertino, Calif.-based company for more than five years -- up until just last month, based on his LinkedIn profile.

It is suspected that Gudgel will be tasked with designing and leading a retail chain project in the United States for the Seoul-based tech giant.

Given that both Apple and Microsoft have sprouted stores to showcase their own products (and soon to be followed by Google and its floating barge for Glass on the San Francisco Bay), brick-and-mortar actually does seem like the likely next step for Samsung.

After all, Samsung already goes head-to-head with Apple in domestic and global smartphone market share. Arguably, it's time for Samsung to dive deeper into the U.S. market with a new retail channel to not only distinguish itself from Apple but also the rest of the Android ecosystem.

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