Samsung gets another chance against Apple with German hearing

Apple and Samsung have a date in court in Germany later this month.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Although Samsung couldn't prevent a German court from issuing an injunction to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 throughout most of the European Union, the Seoul-based tech giant is getting another shot.

On Tuesday, Apple secured an injunction against the promotion and sale of the 10.1-inch Android tablet following a lawsuit it filed over patent infringement related to design. Basically, Apple thinks that the 10.1-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab looks far too similar to the iPad.

That follows a long list of other patent-related lawsuits open right now, some of which involve Apple. Regarding the Galaxy Tab, the German ruling comes after Apple garnered a similar victory in Australia, although Samsung's local subsidiary insists that the ban is only temporary.

Before that, Samsung and Apple have been involved in counter suits for the better part of the year, with each company trying to claim the "right" to see each other's products before they go on sale.

Reuters reports that Samsung will get another chance at fighting the ban -- at least in the E.U. -- when the two tech giants and foes meet in Germany again on Thursday, August 25. A final decision could be determined within a few weeks of that date.

Samsung was likely pinning most of its hopes for the 10.1-inch Tab on the European market. Company execs are likely even more upset as Samsung reps claimed that they weren't informed about the hearing before the ban was put in place, nor were they able to convince the Düsseldorf court to hear oral arguments in its defense after the fact.


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