Samsung in-house startups graduate from incubator program

Five beauty and kids tech startups have graduated from Samsung's in-house incubator program, C-Lab, and become independent companies.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Five of Samsung Electronics' in-house startups have graduated from its incubator program to become independent, the company announced.

Bebefit, Chikapong, TagPlus, S-Skin, and Lumini were selected by C-Lab, the South Korean tech giant's in-house incubator program, for graduation.

Samsung started the C-Lab program in 2015, with nine graduating that year. In 2016, 11 startups graduated.

The five new graduates use technology for kids and beauty products. They showed off their goods at ABC Kids Expo 2016 and the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and afterwards further improved their products and services after customer and expert feedback.

Bebefit makes smart baby carriers for mothers, featuring a "convertible hipseat" that eases the mother's back and shoulder pains. There is also a detachable sensor that can detect whether the baby needs changing and a macron-shaped sensor that measures air quality.

Chikapong makes toothbrushes with sensors that can be synced to smartphones. Kids can play a brushing game on the phone while brushing their teeth, and the toothbrush's sensor can detect and inform parents which areas were brushed better than others in a dental report.

TagPlus makes its namesake "smart tag" for children. The firm will form partnerships with toy companies to sell the tag with the toys themselves. The tag can be operated easily, with motions such as click, shake, hold, and bump, and will register the toy with nearby mobile devices without a password or login.

The accompanying app gives information and how-to-use videos on that particular toy, and kids can share their progress with other kids via the app.

TagPlus CEO Pankaj Agarwal was awarded innovators under 35 in the Mint-MIT Technology review competition in India.

S-Skin's portable device detects skin quality and treats skin with a LED light. It will also offer a micro needle patch, which helps skin absorb cosmetics and measures how well they were absorbed through color changes.

Lumini offers a portable device and an accompanying analysis app that detects skin trouble and suggests cosmetics. The device will film the face and the app will detect acne, enlarged follicles, and wrinkles. A chat-bot explains what way of care or cosmetics will ameliorate the problem.











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