Samsung mocks Apple fans' blind loyalty despite iPhone X notch, no headphone jack

Samsung's new ad takes a swing at Apple over the notch, missing headphone jack, and wireless charging.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Video: iPhone X review -- Face ID, the notch, and a new screen

Samsung's latest ad tries to convince iPhone X buyers that it's time to stop accepting compromises from Apple and switch to a Galaxy.

The ad, from Samsung Mobile US, takes iPhone owners on a trip down memory lane, poking fun at the iPhone X's notorious notch and other decisions by Apple, from taking away the iPhone's headphone jack to ignoring the stylus and the firm's slow adoption of waterproofing and wireless charging.

Called 'Growing up', the ad follows the life of an iPhone fan who is drawn to the first iPhone in 2007 after seeing long queues outside an Apple store. The store has posters saying 'June 2007, It's coming'. After unboxing the new iPhone, he calls someone to tell them what he just bought.

By 2010, the iPhone fan can't take photos anymore because he's run out of storage.

In 2013, the fan is unwrapping a new iPhone 5, which Samsung mocks for having a small screen and lacking the stylus offered by the Galaxy Note.

Apple in 2016 finally made the iPhone 7 water resistant, following a well-established trend among Android phone makers.

What's presumably an iPhone 6 gets thrown into a bowl of uncooked rice to draw out the moisture after the iPhone owner and his Galaxy-owning girlfriend fall into a lake. The girlfriend of course has photos of the day they fell into the water, and the iPhone owner asks her to send one to him.

Samsung then takes aim at Apple's decision to remove the iPhone's 3.5mm headphone jack and the extra cords and adapters users need to listen to headphones while charging. Wired up with the extra connectors, the iPhone owner looks enviously at a Galaxy charging wirelessly on a pod.

Finally, the iPhone fan makes the switch to a Galaxy. He doesn't call, but writes a message with a stylus telling someone he's bought a new phone.

Samsung takes a last dig at Apple and Apple fans over the iPhone X's notch, the space at the top of the screen that houses the cameras and Face ID sensors.


Samsung takes aim at the iPhone's extra cords and adapters needed to listen to headphones while charging. Image: Samsung

All grown up and with a Galaxy, the former Apple fan walks past the Apple store, which now has a poster saying 'November 2017, It's coming', suggesting Apple's marketing is staid. This time the queues are short and a remaining iPhone fan has a ridiculous looking hairdo with a notch in his forehead.

The ad is in support of Samsung's switch to a Galaxy campaign for the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note8, which highlights many of the same features covered in the ad, such as wireless charging, battery life, water resistance, Samsung's S Pen, and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Naturally, Samsung has cherry-picked components of the iPhone that make its phones look good. But while the iPhone 8 didn't draw crowds, the iPhone X appears to have in several markets.

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