Samsung Rewards expands to Shop Samsung app amid continued growth

What originally was supposed to be a tool to keep people using Samsung Pay, Samsung Rewards has continued to expand across more Samsung products.

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Toward the end of 2016, Samsung launched Samsung Rewards. The platform was first designed to encourage then reward Galaxy device owners to use Samsung Pay. Various promotions awarded users for transactions during specific times or dates, either with cash or Samsung Rewards points.

A year later, Samsung Rewards is now integrated into Samsung Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Internet, the company's Android web browser. Users can earn points by completing tasks in Bixby or by tracking health and browsing the web.

The points a user earns can then be converted to money, put on a digital Samsung Rewards debit card for use with Samsung Pay. Other options include purchasing gift cards, exchanging points for a Samsung product, or entering Instant Win contests to win things like a trip to Universal Studios.

The gamification of Samsung's services -- rewarding users with points to continue using a service -- has worked for the company. According to Samsung's vice president and general manager of services at Samsung Electronics America, Nana Murugesan, Samsung Rewards has experienced 25 percent growth each month it's been available. In the first week of November alone, Samsung Rewards saw one million new users.


Starting Tuesday, Nov. 14, Samsung Rewards will also work with Samsung Shop, the company's mobile shopping app. In the coming weeks, the company will also add Samsung Rewards to A shopper can log into his or her Samsung account and earn points for select purchases.

Samsung also recently announced the launch of a Samsung Rewards application program interface (API) for third-party developers to integrate with the service. One such integration the company expects to launch soon is Better Mortgage. Through the app, users can apply for a mortgage or refinance a mortgage and will earn Samsung Rewards points throughout the process at specific milestones. For example, getting approved or locking in a finance rate will trigger a reward through Samsung.

To celebrate the first birthday of Samsung Rewards, the company will give away one million prizes through instant win contests.

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