​Samsung SDS launches enterprise AI chatbot Brity

Samsung SDS wants to expand AI-as-a-Service with the launch of the B2B chatbot.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung SDS, Samsung Electronics' IT service affiliate, has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot aimed at the enterprise market.

Called Brity, the chatbot comes with an AI engine with machine learning and natural language understanding capabilities.

Besides text chat, the platform also supports voice chat and can be applied to existing services such as Kakao or Line as well as any existing hardware.

It also auto-suggests the best chat "model" with customers so that clients can apply the platform faster to save on costs.

The company has tested the chatbot since May within Samsung SDS and other Samsung affiliates. Employees used it to check schedules, choose from the cafeteria menu, and find phone numbers.

The tech giant hopes Brity will be used by supply chain managers, company HRs, after-sales service centers, and restaurants.

In June, Samsung SDS launched the Brightics AI, its analytics platform that can collect, analyse, and visualize data faster.

The company said it will expand its AI-as-a-Service platforms going forward by hiring talent and expanding businesses.

Samsung recently revealed plans to launch an AI-based speaker next year, which will likely use its Bixby virtual assistant.

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