​Samsung SDS unveils Brightics AI analytics platform

Samsung SDS has unveiled its AI-based analytics platform Brightics AI aimed at the enterprise market.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung SDS has unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics platform called Brightics AI, which is aimed at the global enterprise market.

Brightics AI automates data analytics modeling, allowing for easy processing and analysis of big data for clients, the company said.

Samsung said processing big data conventionally takes two experts up to three months to create and apply an analytics model. By comparison, Brightics AI will complete this process within two hours by automatically suggesting the best analytics algorithm.

Collecting, analysing, and visualising data, which takes conventional counterparts three hours, only takes 10 minutes.

The platform also has a "prescriptive" algorithm based on AI technology that offers solutions for problems faced by clients, the company said.

The company said it has been testing the platform on 70 different businesses across the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, security, health, and IoT markets. It said it will expand its trials to include services and finance markets with the unveiling.

Brightics AI Cloud will also be launched by the end of the month, with clients able to use the trial version on the Samsung SDS designated website.

The company will also supply a free version for universities, it said.

Samsung SDS is keen to expand its B2B platforms globally; last month, it joined global blockchain alliance Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

In April, the company also launched its Nexledger brand enterprise blockchain platform.

The company has said it is focusing on blockchain, IoT, and artificial platforms for expansion.

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