Samsung ships WiFi-enabled DV300F DualView and WB150F megazoom

Samsung announces pricing and availability for two WiFi enabled cameras announced at CES.
Written by Janice Chen, Inactive

Samsung DualView DV300F image courtesy of Samsung

(Samsung DualView DV300F image courtesy of Samsung)

It's a sure sign of spring when cameras announced at CES start appearing on store shelves. Samsung kicked off the CES camera announcement deluge in January with its DualView DV300F, a WiFi-enabled addition to the vendor's line of dual-LCD point-and-shooters, and followed up with three more WiFi cameras with long zooms, including the WB150F 18x compact megazoom. This week, the electronics giant rolled out the DV300F and WB150F and announced pricing of$199.99 and $229.99 for the DV300F and WB150F respectively.

With Internet-connected smartphones and tablets (such as the new iPad) continuing to improve their built-in camera specs, and threatening to replace point-and-shoot cameras as primary photo-taking devices, Samsung hopes to stave off the insurgency with its new WiFi models (which the company calls smart cameras—sound familiar?). Models like the DV300F and WB150F offer the image quality, features, and specs you get in a dedicated camera, along with direct connectivity to the Internet via WiFi, enabling you to email or share photos and videos via various social networking sites, directly from the camera.


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