Samsung to reveal Galaxy Note 7 probe findings this month: Report

After looking into the Galaxy Note 7 recall since October, it's being reported Samsung is ready to reveal to consumer, investors, and analysts what caused the tech catastrophe.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
CNET/CBS Interactive

Samsung will reveal findings from its Galaxy Note 7 probe this month, according to the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper, after examining all aspects of the smartphone to find what caused some to catch fire.

Samsung has been looking into its Galaxy Note 7 since October, when it chose to discontinue the flagship smartphone after an unsuccessful recall attempt. It has warned of a $5.1 billion hit to its operating profit following the global recall.

Samsung has remained quiet on what the root cause of the Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe, but that looks to change soon. Samsung previously said it will work to find the exact cause to rebuild trust with consumers. The newspaper didn't report what Samsung will reveal.

"We have handed over the phones (that caught fire) to KTL and will cooperate with their investigation, but we can't just sit and wait for its result," a Samsung Electronics official told Yonhap News in October after working with the South Korean government. "We have been mobilizing all possible resources to find the exact cause of the problems as soon as possible."

We have reached out to Samsung in hopes of learning when it will officially reveal results of the probe.

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