South Korea begins investigating cause of Galaxy Note 7 fires with Samsung

Samsung provided the government-backed lab with five Galaxy Note 7 handsets that had caught on fire in South Korea.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
CNET/CBS Interactive

Samsung and the South Korean government launched separate investigations last week to find the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that caught fire in several instances across the globe.

Yonhap News reported state-run Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) was provided from Samsung five Galaxy Note 7 units that had caught fire in the country. KTL will use X-ray and computerized tomography to try and determine the exact cause of the explosion.

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 in September and finally ended production last week after repeated fires. It has yet to determine the cause and is working to recall the handset from across the globe.

"We have handed over the phones (that caught fire) to KTL and will cooperate with their investigation, but we can't just sit and wait for its result," a Samsung Electronics official told Yonhap News. "We have been mobilizing all possible resources to find the exact cause of the problems as soon as possible."

Samsung is said to be considering testing the faulty devices in possession of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. It issued two recalls for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung chief Koh Dong-jin said on Wednesday that he "would at any cost find the exact cause (of the faulty Galaxy Note 7) to restore trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns."

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