Samsung unveils Smart TV transformer kits ahead of CES 2013

Samsung has disclosed a new line of products, including a Smart TV upgrade kit, before CES kicks off next week.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Samsung has disclosed new product additions including a Smart TV upgrade kit before CES starts next week.

The electronics firm began announcing the new product range this week, all of which will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from Jan 8 - 11.

Among the line-up is a range of monitors, built for both professionals and your average consumer. According to the firm, the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor comes optimized for Windows 8 users and is equipped with a multi-touch display, whereas the new Series 7 SC750 focuses on a "premium" picture quality and slimline design. The contrast ratio for the SC750 is 5,000:1, several times over a standard monitor.

Both models will be available in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung will also be using CES to promote its Series 9 monitor, which utilizes a PLS (Plane Line Switching) panel and Wide-Quad high-definition resolution (WQHD), delivering four times more detail than traditional HD.

In addition, the South Korean firm has kept the news flowing by mentioning a Smart TV upgrade "Evolution Kit" ahead of the tech show.

Samsung's Evolution Kit, which was introduced at CES 2012, is a plugin that can transform Samsung Smart TVs from its 2012 range into models with the latest features from this year's line. The firm says that each kit can be plugged into the back of an older television, and includes hardware enhancements including improvements to CPU and GPU which will give users faster speeds when surfing the web or using apps.

The Evolution Kit will also bring improvements to the Smart Interaction features, including voice control and motion control. 

These kinds of products could mean tapping into an additional revenue stream within the smart television industry, as the lifespan of television sets means that consumers do not generally upgrade their kits every year or so. Commentary provided by Sunny Lee, VP of Visual Displays Sales & Marketing at Samsung, seems to suggest that the Evolution Kit may become a permanent product that will upgrade for every range, making the idea of "transforming" kits rather than replacing them a potentially lucrative scheme. Lee said:

"Consumers can enjoy the latest features and services every year without having to purchase a brand new set. Samsung Smart TV users will enjoy timeless TV that transcends time with [the] Evolution Kit."

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