Samsung updates Galaxy Fold with App Pair, DeX improvements, and more Z Fold 2 features

The update is rolling out now to the original Galaxy Fold, adding several key features.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
(Image: CNET)

Samsung on Monday announced the rollout of a software update to the original Galaxy Fold in the US. The update is adding a handful of the main features that users of the second-generational Z Fold 2 have had access to since its launch. 

Here's a list of everything the Fold will gain:

  • App Pair: Create a preferred multi-app view, opening up to three apps at the same time. 
  • Samsung DeX improvements: You can now wirelessly connect the Fold to a Samsung Smart TV. 
  • Camera improvements: The Z Fold 2's auto framing, capture view mode, dual preview, and rear selfie camera features are now available on the Fold. 
  • Pro Video Mode: The Fold will gain important video features, like 21:9 ratio and 24fps. 
  • Wi-Fi Password Sharing: You will be able to share your Wi-Fi network password with nearby Galaxy devices. 

The App Pair and camera improvements are some of the more notable changes. For as much credit as Apple often gets for adding new features to older devices, the fact that Samsung continues to trickle new down to older devices via software updates -- albeit later and staggered -- is worth pointing out. 

If you have an original Fold, have you received the latest update? What do you think about the improvements? Is it something that makes the Fold more appealing? Let us know in the comments below.

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