Sanbolic Melio 3 storage virtualization for private clouds and virtualized systems

Storage virtualization designed to reduce unintended consequences of using virtual clients or virtual servers
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Sanbolic observed that many organizations that embark on the journey to a more virtualized environment don't think about how that move impacts their storage infrastructure. The company's product, Melio3, encapsulating the storage to make the storage of applications and data as flexible as virtual clients, virtual servers and private cloud workloads.

How does this work? Melio3 offers a storage framework that includes storage cluster management, a cluster file system and a number of file management tools designed to break the hard binding between workloads and specific disks. The result is a storage environment that is as agile as the processing environment.

The Melio3 storage cluster facilitates the sharing of data among various virtual clients and virtual servers by abstracting management and control of data objects away from virtual systems.  Melio3 then manages access for all workloads. It also resolves provisioning issues in a unpredictable environment by separating storage from individual workloads and making it possible for data elements to grow or contract as needed.

I've long been a proponent of deploying storage virtualization technologies along side of processing virtualization to create a more reliable, agile and manageable environment. Sanbolic appears to be an example of a company addressing this very need.

If your organization finds storage management challenging for its virtual environments, it would be wise to see a demo of Sanbolic's offerings at work.

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