SanDisk touting SSDs with low-power SATA performance initiative

SanDisk has unveiled plans for a new technology that could enable better performance with longer battery lives on mobile devices.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

SanDisk has debuted a new initiative enable mobile device manufacturers to offer solid state drives with SATA performance at significantly lower power consumption than current offerings.

Introducing the plan amidst Intel Developer Forum this week, SanDisk is aiming to push this initiative industry-wide while also boasting their achievement as the "first" to implement this technology into SSDs.

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SanDisk attested in a statement that the current SSD best-in-class standard supports a low-power consumption rate of 50mW. The new version wasn't exactly specified, but the SATA storage is designed to remain in a "a low-power state the majority of the time."

In plainest terms, the goal is to enable computing devices to offer better performance with longer battery lives as the need for everything to be mobile is only skyrocketing.

Jeff Janukowicz, a research director on solid state drives at the International Data Corporation, explained in the release:

Mobile computing platforms such as Ultrabook devices and tablets are challenged to deliver the high performance and long battery life demanded by consumers. The intent of this initiative is to extend the SATA high-performance standard to better address these low power mobile applications. It's encouraging to see industry-wide support by key vendors in the mobile ecosystem and this is a big step toward widespread use of SSD solutions.

Along with Intel, SanDisk is teaming with Samsung and Microsoft to integrate the low-power SATA performance solutions into future devices, chipsets and operating systems. However, neither a road map nor any timeline of sorts has been revealed yet.


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