São Paulo subway introduces interactive doors

The system used for advertising and customer information can detect the amount of people watching the content as well as facial expressions.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

One of the lines of the São Paulo Metro has rolled out "interactive doors" to improve communication with passengers.

The technology, introduced in three subway stations of the Yellow Line, consists of four sets of doors with screens where customer information is displayed as well as advertisements.

The doors are also fitted with lenses and sensors that collect data such as the amount of people standing in front of the doors as well as facial expressions that could suggest four types of emotions: happiness, dissatisfaction and surprise, as well as emotional neutrality.

It is also possible to detect whether the faces looking at the screens on the doors are male or female and estimate the age of audience members. According to ViaQuatro, the company responsible for the operation of the Yellow Line, no other data is being collected and the information is not being cross-referenced with any other database that could identify passengers individually.

However, the information on reactions to ads, as well as gender and approximate age will be utilized as part of the sales pitch to companies wanting to advertise on the subway line.

CCR Engelogtec, the technology company under the group CCR (the firm running ViaQuatro) ran the project, while ADmobilize provided the software that analyzes the data collected by the interactive doors.

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