SAP adds enterprise 2.0 features to latest suite; Twitter meets ERP

SAP's Business Suite 7 has a few interesting Web 2.0 hooks.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

SAP's Business Suite 7 has a few interesting Web 2.0 hooks. 

Ian Kimbell, vice president of business process validation at SAP, showed the suite's dashboard that broad together engineering, financials and Twitter integration. The Business Suite 7's "sentiment engine" was pointed at Twitter. 

While Kimbell's demo, which was quite entertaining, doesn't reflect what enterprises are actually doing it does show an increasing amount of integration with social networking tools. If corporate data is merged with the anecdotal tips from customers and partners there could be real insight. 

This Holy Grail of insight is what a lot of vendors--Salesforce, Oracle and SAP--are chasing. 

Whether enterprises actually use Twitter remains to be seen, but it's not too often you seen an enterprise planning demonstration with a Twitter plug. 

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