SAP adds new management tools to Afaria's repertoire

SAP has introduced a range of new features to its Afaria mobile device management platform, including deeper directory integration, expanded iOS and Android functionality and new app portals.
Written by Sam Shead, Contributor

SAP has introduced a series of new features to Afaria, its mobile device management platform, as part of its latest update. 

The enterprise software company announced the new features for the Afaria platform on Monday, and rolled them out globally on Tuesday, a spokeswoman told ZDNet. 

SAP said the new features will improve management and security for both iOS and Android devices, while providing employees with a more user-friendly app portal. As part of SAP's efforts to make working across the enterprise more seamless, Afaria also now offers users deeper directory integration. 

In terms of application management, the new app portal will provide a simplified user experience by offering a more familiar landscape and one that can be company branded, SAP said. 

SAP Afaria is also set to get a new "zero touch" application programming interface (API) that will allow administrators to create and deploy apps without user intervention. As a result, employees will be spared from having to enter domain names and usernames that are normally routine when setting up applications, and the amount of calls to IT support desks should be cut, SAP said. 

The new features being introduced also acknowledge the increase in the number of people bringing their own device (BYOD) into the workplace. The new additions include extended email and security capabilities on Android, and the ability to detect jail-broken iOS devices. It also brings increased iOS configuration and application management capabilities, SAP said.

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