SAP, Amazon Web Services: Partners in cloud

SAP and Amazon Web Services don't talk all that much about their partnerships, but the two companies are key partners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The relationship between Amazon Web Services and SAP is getting tighter.

SAP and Amazon Web Services held a partner powwow last week and the big takeaway is that all of the applications from the company can now be used in the cloud. Meanwhile, system integrators CapGemini and Deloitte are on board to make it happen.

What's odd is that AWS and SAP haven't been publicizing the partnership all that much. SAP CTO Vishal Sikka did mention at Sapphire last month that the company's Carbon Impact software as a service product will be completely run on AWS.

Indeed, Adam Selipsky, vice president of AWS, said the SAP partnership is increasingly important. Meanwhile, SAP is a big AWS customer. As highlighted by Prashanth Rai, SAP is a big AWS customer internally and uses the service for select on-demand offerings such as CRM On-Demand.

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AWS already counts Lawson Software as a customer so it's not a big stretch to envision another ERP player being a partner, but SAP could bring a lot of enterprises to the party. "ISVs realize they have to become a consumer of IT," said Amazon CTO Werner Vogels.

Here are a few key slides from an SAP presentation recently posted by AWS on cloud usage:

If you squint hard enough you'll see that Business ByDesign uses AWS as does BusinessOne and other internal applications. The AWS partnership explains a lot. It is telling that SAP doesn't talk much about infrastructure when it outlines Business ByDesign and its other SaaS efforts. SAP has its data centers, but often talks about using third parties to host. It's highly likely that Business ByDesign will be supported by AWS behind the scenes. SAP isn't too worried about scaling because it has AWS and its "availability zones" across the globe as a partner.

When you add it all up it's evident that Amazon and SAP are becoming big-time partners.

Here's the full SAP presentation on AWS:

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