SAP re-releases BusinessObjects, Crystal products with analytics twist

SAP brings new analytics measuring features to some products with small to mid-size businesses also in mind.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

SAP is further tapping into the big data trend by enhancing some of its existing solutions with analytics-tracking functionality.

Specifically, that means accessing and analyzing transactional data across enterprise systems and the web, including social networks, to get a better grasp in real-time about what consumers are thinking about products and brands.

SAP asserted that the infusion of analytics technologies will enable business of all sizes to be able to manage big data with advanced business intelligence capabilities for solving specific business problems with this consumption model.

The bottom line, according to SAP's general manager of analytics John Schweitzer in prepared remarks, is that end-to-end solutions involving analytics can answer business questions to accelerate return on investments faster.

Based on with SAP's Sybase IQ server and Data Integrator software, SAP will be starting off by offering analytics editions for four of its services: BusinessObjects BI suite, platform and Edge for mid-size businesses as well as the Crystal Server self-service reporting solution.

The business management software provider also specified these versions are highly scalable, in particular, to meet growing data demands. This quality to the services would be especially pertinent for small to mid-size businesses that might have trouble handling their infrastructures sooner rather than later as unstructured data continues to pile in from social and mobile sources.

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