SAP to offer six enterprise enhanced Windows 8 apps

Enterprise software giant SAP announced today it will embrace the Windows 8 platform with a range of specially designed applications for the operating system, along with a brand new product.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

SAP today announced plans to delivery a range of new applications designed for Windows 8, which offer enhanced security and enterprise features for business users.

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SAP for Windows 8 (via Instagram)

The apps will be developed for a number of devices, including post-PC tablets and form factors, such as convertibles and desktops, that will include platform support and security enhancements built-in to Windows 8, allowing SAP to extend business processors to the latest Microsoft platform.

SAP WorkDeck, a new persona-centric application that integrates various sources of information, developed first for Windows 8, will also be provided alongside SAP Manager Insight, SAP Learning Assistant, SAP Interview Assistant, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet, and SAP HRC Policy Survey following afterwards.

The apps will be available in the Windows Store and the SAP Store, and will include support for touch-capable devices and desktops. (Because the apps will be available through the Windows Store, they will be live-tile applications and also available on Windows RT devices, such as the Surface.)

Sanjay Poonen, SAP Mobile Division, said in prepared remarks:

SAP continues to build on its tradition of delivering innovation to its enterprise customer base, in this case, providing the foundation for mobile computing. SAP takes advantage of the current install base and customer relationships to transform enterprises to a mobile-centric computing model. We look forward to helping our customers fully leverage Windows 8 and bringing new business and consumer apps to the industry that take full advantage of the new Windows user interface.

Another nugget from the release is that SAP products will also be developed for Windows Phone 8, the latest Microsoft mobile operating system launched in late October. The firm said the SAP Mobile Platform will support the creation and deployment of mobile apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

SAP also said that customers wanting to secure their mobile enterprise environments to protect Windows 8, apps and content can download SAP Afaria, available for the operating system today. The security product now fully supports Intel-based tablets featuring Windows 8.

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