Sapho integrates its micro apps into Microsoft's Windows 10

Through its portal and connections to various apps, Sapho is integrating enterprise tools into Windows 10's task bar, notification area, and contact functions.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Sapho said it will integrate its micro-applications and employee experience portal directly into Microsoft's Windows 10.

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The company, which specializes in giving a new user experience to legacy applications, typically connects to systems and brings notifications and events to mobile devices and other platforms. The upshot is that a worker can complete a task directly via a micro app without logging into another system.

With the Windows 10 integration, Sapho is embedding its event notifications and micro apps directly into the desktop using toast notifications, the Windows Action Center, and an app within My People.


Sapho outlined the Windows integration at Microsoft's Build conference.

The company also added its Sapho Bot integration to Windows 10's My People functionality. Enterprise employees will be able to access contacts, expenses, and other work tasks from the task bar.

Sapho had already supported Microsoft Teams and Actionable Messages for Microsoft Outlook as well as SharePoint.


Peter Yared, Sapho CTO, said his company has been working more closely with Microsoft and noted the software giant has been aggressive about notifications and next-gen apps as well as being developer friendly. Windows 10 is the initial operating system integration for Sapho because it has a large penetration in the enterprise.

"People like to work from different places and they like native applications on desktops as much as mobile," said Yared. "Write once and run anywhere is starting to happen."

That said, Yared said that Sapho will pursue similar native integration on the Mac OS as well as Chromebooks.

In a demo with Sapho senior product manager Omar ElNaggar, there were multiple scenarios where the company's integration with Windows 10 could come in handy. The time savings for employees comes from not having to visit another application or website to complete a task. "We are an extension of Microsoft's graph, but connect to SAP and other apps," said ElNaggar.

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