SAP's HANA live with 100 customers, 500 signed up

SAP has shed some light on HANA's progress with details of customer numbers and pipeline — but refused to be drawn on how soon Business Suite would be available on the platform
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Not long past its first birthday, HANA has now notched up several hundred customers, according to SAP.

SAP's co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe revealed that more than 500 customers have purchased HANA in-memory processing systems and 100 customers have gone live with the technology.

The figures came as SAP unveiled its financials for the second quarter of 2012 on Tuesday, announcing a record quarter — reporting €661m profit on €3.9bn revenue — and HANA was the standout, Snabe said.

"HANA wins the gold medal this quarter," the co-CEO said on an earnings call. "With €85m [£66m] licence revenue in Q2 alone, we are on track to achieve our plan of doubling our HANA revenue for the fourth fiscal year."

The full-year projection for HANA revenues stands at €320m, while the pipeline is currently pegged at €1.5bn, up more than one-third on the start of the year.

Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA is one of the main growth drivers for the product, Snabe added. However, the average selling price for a BW appliance on HANA has come down year-on-year, according to analysts.

"There's many more customers now that are adopting HANA that are starting small, and will take that small start and make it big over time. As you spread HANA's wings, you might see that little inflection, but don't read anything into it," SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott said.

Business Suite on HANA?

For those hoping for Business Suite on HANA, the message is 'keep waiting for a while yet'.

"We've not announced this product yet, but we are certain that over time you will have transactional systems running on HANA," Snabe said. "Business One will be the first productive system — we already have customers with that — and obviously we will be making sure that these complex, large company systems run not only faster but more robust in a HANA world before we go to market with that."

"We're very confident about the future of this, but we don't have a product announced," he added.

According to Vishal Sikka, executive board member at SAP, the company is "on track" with its plans for the product, reportedly set for launch at the end of this year.

"We are making great progress running ERP on HANA, as well as CRM on HANA, internally. We are working with bunch of customers on this," he said.

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